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Humana Complete Formulary

(Prescription List)

2021 Gold Plus

Humana Gold Plus H0028-043 (HMO)

Abstract Pattern 20

2021 Humana Honor

Humana Honor H5216-128 (PPO)

2021 HumanaChoice R4182-001

HumanaChoice R4182-001 (Regional PPO)

2021 Premier Rx Plan

Humana Premier Rx Plan S5884-168 (PDP)

Abstract Shape 1

2021 HumanaChoice H5216-042

HumanaChoice H5216-042 (PPO)

2021 HumanaChoice R4182-003

HumanaChoice R4182-003 (Regional PPO)

2021 Walmart Value Rx Plan

Humana Walmart Value Rx Plan S5884-201 (PDP)

Abstract Shape 7

2021 HumanaChoice H5216-043

HumanaChoice H5216-043 (PPO)

2021 HumanaChoice R4182-004

HumanaChoice R4182-004 (Regional PPO)

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