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2021 Dallas Plans at a Glance

UnitedHealthcare® 2021 Plan benefits comparison

2021 Advantage Plan 1

AARP® Medicare Advantage® SecureHorizons® Plan 1(HMO-POS)

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2021 Medicare Advantage Patriot

AARP® Medicare Advantage® Patriot (HMO-POS)

2021 Medicare Gold

UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Gold (Regional PPO C-SNP) 

2021 Advantage Plan 2

AARP® Medicare Advantage® SecureHorizons® Plan 2(HMO-POS)

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2021 Medicare Advantage Ally

UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage Ally (HMO-POS C-SNP)

2021 Dual Complete

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete®  (HMO-D-SNP)

2021 Medicare Advantage

AARP® Medicare Advantage®


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2021 Medicare Advantage Choice

AARP® Medicare Advantage® Choice (PPO)

2021 Medicare Advantage Choice

UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage Choice

(Regional PPO)

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