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United Healthcare

**Please review page 8 & 9 for benefit details on any of the plans below


2021 Dallas Plans at a Glance

UnitedHealthcare® 2021 Plan benefits comparison

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Dental OON

UnitedHealthcare® 2021

Claims Submission Instructions

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UHC Provider

UnitedHealthcare® 2021

Provider Search Site

2021 Advantage Plan 1

AARP® Medicare Advantage® SecureHorizons® Plan 1(HMO-POS)

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2021 Medicare Advantage Patriot

AARP® Medicare Advantage® Patriot (HMO-POS)

2021 Medicare Gold

UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Gold (Regional PPO C-SNP) 

2021 Advantage Plan 2

AARP® Medicare Advantage® SecureHorizons® Plan 2(HMO-POS)

Abstract Shape 1

2021 Medicare Advantage Ally

UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage Ally (HMO-POS C-SNP)

2021 Dual Complete

UnitedHealthcare Dual Complete®  (HMO-D-SNP)

2021 Medicare Advantage

AARP® Medicare Advantage®


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2021 Medicare Advantage Choice

AARP® Medicare Advantage® Choice (PPO)

2021 Medicare Advantage Choice

UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage Choice

(Regional PPO)

Houston Plans

This is for all plans exclusive to Houston, TX area

Create UHC Account

Continue your process into Medicare and UHC coverage by creating your account with UHC. Click on the link to create your account for more useful information

Prescription List

Complete (Prescription list) formulary 2021


Fitness for Mind and Body.  One more of UHC benefits, Renew Active

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