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getMcare Financial Services

getMcare has helped you with the Medicare process and would appreciate the opportunity to review exciting financial programs to help you in your retirement.  You all know me and my mom – just ask her.


Or you may be interested in a life insurance program to help grow your grandkids' college funds.


If you have an IRA or 401k and are tired of losing $$$ – you may want to consider an annuity designed to fit your specific needs.  These financial programs have changed over the years and have improved 100%.  Some of the features may include:


  • Guaranteed lifetime Income after 7-10 year annuity period

  • Confinement rider – double your income if custodial care should become necessary

  • Never lose any $$$ again as the market fluctuates

  • A very generous bonus is applied to your initial premium for investment purposes.

  • I represent the #1 company in Fixed Index Annuity programs

  • Death benefit for your beneficiaries

  • Up to 10% FREE withdrawals annually, begins immediately.


If you would like to discuss any of these programs, click the “Schedule Appointment” button below or call me at 469.471.4327

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