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Ruben Gonzales

I am a certified Bilingual Human Resources Professional, retired after 34 years.  Matt recruited me into obtaining my state of Texas License for Health Insurance (Medicare).  I have been a getMcare agent going on 4 years.

I enjoy assisting my fellow Seniors, and understand firsthand, the challenges one encounters when dealing with Medicare changes, and requirements.

With my HR experience, as well as being a senior myself…I am well equipped to deal with my Clients questions, pushbacks, and match the best possible plan to meet their individual needs.

As a Midwesterner, (Born in Chicago, Il.), I had the experience and learned life lessons, from all walks of life. (Both in Spanish and English)

I currently reside in Houston, TX, but have clients in the DFW area, Houston, and Austin TX.

Meet Ruben G. and discuss your Medicare options.

Mobile: 281.536.9898


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