getMcare and Village Health Partners came together in 2016.  The goal is to have a resource for senior patients to assist them through the Medicare process or transition them from Traditional Medicare alone to take advantage of all the benefits available.  We have developed many great relationships with VHP patients over the years.

We have monthly group meetings at Independence, Legacy, Frisco and McKinney for patients with Medicare questions or those just looking for information.  We can do one-on-one sessions for those that would like to discuss their specific situation (recommended).  Or you can give us a call at 214-964-0246 anytime.  Follow the prompts and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

Medicare Plans accepted by VHP

Get to know your getMcare/VHP licensed agents:


Matt Gonzales

Sr. Licensed Agent

Frisco Medical Village

Founder/Owner of getMcare, LLC


Velita Reed

Licensed Agent

McKinney Medical Village

getMcare Associate

Bob Cooke VHP.jpg

Bob Cooke

Licensed Agent

Independence Medical Village

getMcare Associate


Patrick Patterson

Licensed Agent

Legacy Medical Village

getMcare Associate

Traditional Medicare


Medicare Advantage Plan

Times have changed, the Medicare Advantage Plans are now something you may want to consider.  At no additional cost, your Advantage plan could include the following which Traditional Medicare DOES NOT:

  • Prescription Drug coverage

  • Comprehensive Dental

  • Vision exam and discounts on glasses

  • Hearing exam and discounts on hearing aids

  • Gym membership

  • Emergency services for foreign travel

  • $0 deductible

  • Out of pocket annual limits

  • Ongoing preventive testing

  • Annual free physical

  • $0 copay for primary physician visits

  • Low copay for specialist physician visits


In 2020, nearly four in ten (39%) of all Medicare beneficiaries – 24.1 million people out of 62.0 million Medicare beneficiaries overall – are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans; this rate has steadily increased over time since the early 2000s. Between 2019 and 2020, total Medicare Advantage enrollment grew by about 2.1 million beneficiaries, or 9 percent – nearly the same growth rate as the prior year. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that the share of all Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans will rise to about 51 percent by 2030.

Village Health Partners/getMcare goal is to make sure you are educated and informed on current Medicare options. 

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